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“God Will Be With Us” —Pastor Matt Johnson 3/22/20

Mar 22, 2020

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A Taste of Discipleship: A Reflection on our Internship Program

Jun 27, 2019

What has it been like working as an intern for Heritage? Not anything you would expect.

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What is biblical femininity?

Jan 21, 2019

What does femininity look like? To many, it looks like crying during romantic movies and loving the color pink. It looks like weakness and dependence on others. But this concept of feminism is not correct; femininity is not a list of job descriptions, personal tastes, or abilities. Women are not trapped in a bubble of housewife or nurse. They can be a body-building, single woman while still being feminine, or they can be a pink-loving mother who happens to love cooking. Biblical femininity is more than these personality traits, rather, it is a reflection of the Creator.

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For Crying Out Loud

Mar 15, 2018

I've come to the realization I'm a bit of a slow learner.  A couple weeks ago, I was preparing to preach on Luke 2:25-38, the story of Jesus's dedication at the temple in Jerusalem.  I researched the historical cultural aspects of the passage and was intrigued by the prophetic message of Simeon and its implications for proclaiming the gospel.  I was particularly excited because of a couple of people I knew didn't know the Lord who would be there.  But there was this little passage at the end about a little known prophetess named Anna.  She really doesn't say much and I thought I would just touch on her story as we are working way verse by verse through Luke.  God had another plan.

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I must forgive myself - right?

Sep 29, 2017

Our culture makes a pretty big deal about being able to forgive oneself.  A quick google search shows an endless string of quotes and encouragements about doing just that.  In general, the reasoning is that you can't go on forever beating yourself up over past mistakes.  You must forgive yourself and move on.  It seems like a reasonable philosophy.  But I just can't locate it in the Bible.  We established pretty clearly in our previous times together that forgiveness of others is essential - commanded - for Christ followers even when it is difficult.  But not forgiving ourselves.  So does this mean that God wants us to go through life despondent over past sins?  That would seem really cruel.

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Forgiveness is Too Hard

Sep 29, 2017

In the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman, the lead character, Zack Mayo  is in Navy Officer Candidate School.  His drill instructor is dead set on washing Mayo out.  During one famous scene, the drill instructor is making Mayo do pushups in puddles, spraying him in the face with water while he does sit-ups, and generally trying to break his spirit so that he voluntarily dropped from the program.  Finally, as drill instructor yells "why don't you just quit?" Mayo cries out - "I got no place else to go!"

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Forgiveness Optional

Apr 19, 2017

I had a friend who used to say stop signs with white borders were optional.  Just in case you've never paid attention to it, all stop signs have white borders.  Sometimes our approach to forgiveness is like my friend's approach to stop signs.  You can treat it as optional and ignore it.  But, like running a stop sign with a white border it will have consequences.  Most of us are aware of the physical and emotional toll un-forgiveness can bring.  But how many of us are aware of the full extent of the consequences with God when we refuse to forgive?  Check out what Jesus said about forgiveness:

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